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Darkshifter's Realm

Little by Little, the Penguins Steal my Sanity

31 July 1979
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Just your friendly gaymer here, looking to chat it up with all sorts of random folks out there. I like to look at life with an outgoing view, one filled with wonder, optimism, and a quirky sense o' humor. I'm pretty much a big kid at heart, but I can be the most mature person in the room when the time calls for it. Which isn't all that often. But typically, I'm the guy that people go to when they want to forget about their problems and just have fun. OR I'm the guy that people go to talk about their problems when they need someone to listen. Or I'm the guy people go to when they have a discussion revolving around the Marvel and DC Universe. Or...you get the idea. I'm pretty adaptable to most situations, which is always a nifty trait to have. I believe that almost any situation can be helped along with a quick quip or a witty repertoire.